Features for the Grower

Access Your Farm Data Anywhere, Anytime

Find all vital information in one location such as commodity cash bids and futures prices, weather forecasts, field tasks, fleet locations, and more from a computer, tablet, or smartphone connected to the Internet.


Manage Precision Farming Maps and Field Records

Upload precision farming data from a wide range of supported platforms using a USB drive or wireless connection to analyze yield, planting, spraying, or other farming activities.  Field tasks can also be recorded and uploaded from the Connected Farm™ Field app.

Track Farm Profitability

View the profit and loss for each field and crop season to determine what areas of the farm are most profitable.  The system synchronizes with Farm Works Software® so that you can dig deeper into your financial data and reports from your desktop computer.


Monitor Fleet Positions and Health

View real-time fleet positions, engine hours, and current work status such as moving, working, and idling.  Access real-time fuel usage, battery voltage, oil pressure, and other valuable engine diagnostics to prevent costly repairs.

Track Fleet Utilization

Compare the utilization of each vehicle to better understand which assets are productive during a 24-hour period.


Monitor In-Season Crop Health

Utilize calibrated PurePixel™ imagery for comparing crop health from one time period to the next, targeting specific locations for crop scouting.  Crop health imagery automatically transfer to the Connected Farm Scout app for locating troubled areas.


Share Your Data

Data can be shared with trusted advisors to streamline the process of creating variable rate prescription maps or other time sensitive tasks.

Process Imagery

Upload and process imagery (including images from Unmanned Aerial Vehicles or UAVs) to create vegetative index maps used for crop management, scouting, and analysis.

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