Fleet Positions and Alerts

Fleet Positions and Alerts

View real-time positions and alerts for mixed fleets using the Fleet Manager solution. Tracking fleet locations can reduce fuel usage and improve operator performance.

  • View fleet positions overlaid on background imagery.
  • Identify current status of vehicles such as working, idling, moving, delayed, speeding, and traveling.
  • Set up and monitor geo-fence and curfew alerts.
Data File Transfer

New! Data File Transfer

Send and receive Trimble data files (AgGPS and AgData) from any location using the cloud. This feature enables you to use any desktop software program that can read and create files in the Trimble format.

  • Avoid using USB drives for data transfer.
  • Transfer guidance lines, prescription maps, client/farm/field names, boundaries, drainage designs, and more between the field and office.
  • Share data files easily with a trusted advisor.
Fleet Performance and Productivity

Fleet Health

Analyze the health and performance of your fleet by connecting to the CAN Bus system. Information gathered can be used to enhance productivity, efficiency, and swift decision making.

  • Monitor fuel usage, battery voltage, oil pressure, and other valuable diagnostics.
  • Examine all vehicle health parameters using an easy to read table.
  • View trends with vehicle health and performance graphed over time.
Fleet Performance and Productivity

Fleet Productivity and Utilization

Understand the utilization of your fleet in order to increase efficiency and productivity. Information can help reduce excessive idling and assist preventive maintenance.

  • Compare the utilization of each vehicle during a 24 hour period.
  • Capture time spent idling, moving, working, and traveling as well as delay reasons.
  • Analyze the time in which vehicles in your fleet are productive versus idle.
Vehicle to Vehicle Data Exchange

Vehicle to Vehicle Data Exchange

Wirelessly transfer guidance lines, coverage maps, tank levels, and yield data between multiple vehicles using the Vehicle Sync solution. Operators in the same field are able to share information in real-time to minimize overlap and crop inputs, while reducing their carbon footprint.

  • Verify others in the same field are operating equipment properly.
  • Share guidance lines, acres covered, speed, and coverage maps between multiple planters in the same field.
  • View instant yield and moisture data between multiple harvesters in the same field.
Remote Assistance

Remote Access

Reduce downtime in the field by remotely accessing the FmX® integrated display in real-time to diagnose a problem. Remote Assistant allows the operator to stay in the cab which leads to time savings and greater efficiency.

  • View most screens on the display using remote access.
  • Eliminate operator downtime.
  • Reduce technician travel time by resolving issues remotely from the office.