Field Operation Maps

Field Management

Field Operation Maps

Display field operation maps on your dashboard as they are completed in the field.

  • View yield and application maps instantly as soon as jobs are completed.
  • Eliminate the need for USB flash drives by sending maps wirelessly from Trimble's FmX® display to your online dashboard or your desktop computer using Farm Works Software®.
  • Find inefficiencies or operator mistakes before moving on to the next field.
Weather Forecasting

Weather Forecasting

Access detailed weather information on your dashboard to monitor temperature, wind speed, wind direction, humidity, and chance of precipitation.

  • View weather forecast weekly, daily, or hourly.
  • Monitor future precipitation and wind to assist in the management of field operations.
  • Overlay Doppler radar maps onto real-time fleet positions to help coordinate traffic and field operations (currently available only in the United States and Canada).
Commodity Prices

Commodity Prices

View commodity prices on your dashboard so that you can make better decisions in marketing your unsold crops.

  • Create your own commodity list and rearrange it to your preference.
  • View the previous day’s closing price for each commodity.
  • Save time by having prices at your fingertips without accessing other websites.
Field Boundaries and Scouting Maps

Field Boundaries and Scouting Maps

View your field boundaries or scouting maps on your dashboard to help verify operators or scouts are in the correct field.

  • View field boundaries when field operation maps are wirelessly transferred from Trimble's FmX display.
  • Verify fleet locations with field boundary maps.
  • Display field boundaries and scouting maps from the Connected Farm scout app.
Vehicle to Vehicle Data Exchange

Office to Field Data Exchange

Wirelessly transfer guidance lines, drainage designs, variety maps, yield data, and variable rate prescription maps between the office and field. Quickly access data in the office using Farm Works Software solutions to assist decision making and improve field record keeping.

  • Protect the collection of data and decide who can access it using a secure network.
  • Improve decision making due to quicker access of data.
  • Save time unloading data from the cab by avoiding USB flash drives.
Precision Field Data

Precision Field Data

Utilize your precision farming maps, field records, accounting, and livestock data to help you make smarter management decisions. Collect your data using Farm Works Software solutions and turn it into useful information for improving yield and profit.

  • Analyze profit maps to verify which parts of the field are more profitable.
  • Import yield data from most precision farming displays and compare it with variety maps.
  • Design basic and advanced prescription maps to maximize plant growth and reduce input costs.
  • View true production costs for each field, machine, or livestock group by integrating your accounting information.