Mobile Apps

Connected Farm Field App

Enter detailed field records using your smartphone or tablet. Install to multiple devices so that records can be collected instantly and sent to Connected Farm® where profit/loss information can be viewed for the entire operation. All of this helps farmers understand which fields are profitable and why.


  • Enter details about each field operation (tillage, planting, spraying, harvest, etc.)
  • Select your field conditions and auto detect your weather information for chemical reporting
  • View all previously entered field records from your device or from other devices

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Connected Farm Scout App

Change the way you use GPS for field mapping and scouting applications in agriculture. The Scout app utilizes your smartphone or tablet for mapping field boundaries, marking flags, and entering scouting information.


  • Map areas, flags, and field boundaries
  • Enter scouting information and capture images of pests, weeds or diseases while charting the severity of problems and crop conditions
  • View crop health imagery in the background to help with targeted scouting
  • Calculate nitrogen rates by using crop readings from the GreenSeeker handheld crop sensor

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Connected Farm Fleet App

Monitor your entire fleet from any location with a smartphone or tablet. The Fleet app is a powerful management tool to increase fleet efficiency and productivity.


  • View fleet positions and status overlaid on background imagery
  • Navigate to equipment from your current position using turn-by-turn directions
  • Receive geo-fence and curfew alerts
  • View historical positions

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Connected Farm Irrigate App

Monitor and control your center pivot irrigation systems in real-time from any location with a smartphone or tablet. The Irrigate app helps farmers reduce trips to the fields, manage multiple pivots, and ensure the right amount of fluid is applied in the right place.


  • Monitor the status (on/off), direction, heading, pressure, voltage, and material applied
  • Control the application schedule, start or stop, and the direction of each pivot
  • Switch the type of material (water/effluent) being dispersed

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